Tippecanoe County Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission of Tippecanoe County aims to provide all citizens equal opportunity for employment, public accommodations, and housing. The Commission will encourage and promote mutual self-respect and understanding of each other by all groups in the County and promote the guarantee of equal rights to all citizens as afforded by the ordinances of the County, the laws of the State of Indiana, and the Constitution of the United States.

Contact the Tippecanoe County Human Relations Commission

Tiipecanoe Human Relations Commission
Tippecanoe County Office Building
20 North 3rd St.
Lafayette, IN 47901-1214

Chair of the Human Relations Commission: 765.423.9215

State and Federal Agencies

You can also seek assistance from State and Federal agencies when you feel you have been discriminated against.

Indiana Civil Rights Commission
800.628.2909 | 800.743.3333 (Hearing Impaired)

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
312.353.8311 | 312.353.8362 (Hearing Impaired)

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Hotline
800.669.9777 or see

Membership of the Tippecanoe County Human Relations Commission

The members of the Human Relations Commission are volunteers who live in Lafayette, West Lafayette, and elesewhere in Tippecanoe County. Each member serves a three-year term and is appointed by the Tippecanoe County Commissioner.

Members Appointed By Term Begin Term End
David Blakesley Commissioners 1/1/2009 12/31/2012
Maricela Alvarado Commissioners 1/1/2009 12/31/2012
Garet Turner Commissioners 1/1/2010 12/31/2013
Meredith Richmond Commissioners 1/1/2009 12/31/2012
Kinnari Sejpal Commissioners 1/1/2010 12/31/2013
Edith Pierce-Thomas Commissioners 1/1/2009 12/31/2012
John Metzinger Commissioners 1/18/2008 12/31/2011
Mida Grover Commissioners 1/18/2008 12/31/2011
Mike Piggott Commissioners 1/1/2008 12/31/2011

Purpose, Definition, and Duties of the Tippecanoe County Human Relations Commission

§ 31.175  PURPOSE.

(Ord. 2001-08-CM, passed 5-21-01)

§ 31.176  DEFINITIONS.

For the purpose of this subchapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

(Ord. 2001-08-CM, passed 5-21-01


(Ord. 2001-08-CM, passed 5-21-01


The duties and powers of the Commission are:

(Ord. 2001-08-CM, passed 5-21-01)

§ 31.179  EXCLUSIONS.

This subchapter governing the Tippecanoe County Commission on Human Relations shall not apply to churches, church schools, church affiliated day care centers, religious organizations, associations or societies or non-profit institutions or organizations operated, supervised or controlled by or in conjunction with religious organizations, associations or societies, in the area of employment or non-commercial activities.

(Ord. 2001-08-CM, passed 5-21-01)