Diversity Roundtable Goals

DRT Work Area Goal:
Leadership: influencing diverse representation in leadership

  • Expand diversity training opportunities and make it more accessible to the community.
    • Benchmark current diversity training opportunities
    • Make diversity training more broadly available to the community
  • Move the community toward a more inclusive level of diversity in leadership.
    • Understand the current reality in various sectors of the community (e.g. government, nonprofit, business)
    • Educate business about the value of diversity in leadership for economic success

DRT Work Area Goal:
Education and Awareness

  • Define diversity for the purpose of community building.
    • Evaluate and/or update the current DRT mission statement in light of the definition of diversity
  • Improve the environment of inclusion in area schools for K-12.
    • Benchmark current diversity training events targeting faculty and staff, and those targeting students
    • Benchmark the incorporation of diversity issues in the curriculum of area schools K-12
    • Evaluate the usefulness of the bibliography tool
  • Influence public discourse on diversity and inclusion.
    • Media stories (e.g. op-ed pieces, news coverage)
    • Diversity Summit
    • DRT Events/Programs
  • Climate Survey

Achieving a Culture that Values Diversity

  • Eyes on Diversity — Showed a movie featuring Jane Elliot’s blue-brown eyed exercise to over 180 people. Led discussions on the existence of discrimination, its impact, and how to stop it (June and September 2006).
  • Distributed a Diversity Resource Guide for grades K-12 to all public, private, and charter schools in Tippecanoe County (2007, 2009).
  • Held two community forums about the impact of race, gender, and age on 2008 presidential election (2008).
  • Facilitated a panel discussion with leaders of all local law enforcement agencies in Tippecanoe County (2008).
  • Diversity Strengthens Summits I-IV. Raised awareness that diversity issues exist in our community and helped build skills to succeed in a global community. Each year, over 100 participated (Spring 2003 through 2009).
  • Two specific areas have focused efforts: Education/Awareness, and Leadership. The many issues and challenges in our diverse community have been identified and grouped. The objectives of each group are listed in this brochure.